Ride Headquarters.  HQ is the scenic Schreiner University in Kerrville, however we will have two different start locations as described below.  Consistent with our relaxed approach, we do not have a “mass start”.  We do encourage riders to get on the road before 9ish, since our rest stop operating hours are based on riders starting at 8ish. Rest stop hours will be shown on the maps.  At the start points, make new friends or meet up with old ones and ride at your own pace.  

Note - Routes are currently under development for the 2020 ride.  Expect the delightful, scenic, low traffic roads that you have come to expect!

Friday.  The routes will start from Fredericksburg High School in (you guessed it….) Fredericksburg. Just up the road on Tx 16, Fredericksburg offers some really wonderful routes, great tourist attractions, dining, and shopping.  We will have check-in and registration at the High School.  From there, you can choose from routes of 35, 50, or 66 miles rolling through some gorgeous back roads with names like Pecan Creek, Cherry Springs, Gypsum Mine, and Crabapple.  There will be 3 rest stops offering smiling faces, ice cold water & gatorade, tasty snacks, and “the facilities”. 

Saturday.  A smorgasbord of gorgeous routes start from Schreiner University registration HQ. Pick your combination of distance, beauty, scenic views, and interesting spots to decide which route to do: 33, 51, 61, 80, or 100. We are bringing the 100 miler back as a jog off the 80 mile route so you can visit Luckenbach and see if Willie, Waylon, or the Boys might be hanging around. Enjoy roads like White Oak, Best Creek, Old San Antonio, and Old #9.  There are 4 rest stops strategically placed to serve the routes.  Each rest stop offers the same refreshing fare as you find on Friday.  Bring a couple of dollars if you are going to  Luckenbach and want to buy refreshments there. 

Sunday.  These scenic routes start from Schreiner University Registration HQ.  Come join us on the patio for a brief Easter Sunrise Service if you like, then roll out on the route so you can get finished and head for home.  Have a relaxing 20 mile river cruise, or a 31 mile final punishment!  The routes are marked, and you will have cue sheets, maps, and GPS files… but no rest stops.  The rest stop folks get to rest on Sunday!  There is a store in Comfort for purchasing refreshments if needed.



1) Maps and cue sheets will be sent to all registrants by approximately 3 weeks before the tour.  We are finding that people increasingly do not want the 10 or so pages of paper that end up getting thrown away.  (And yes, frankly it has gotten really expensive!)  Save a tree and print the ones you really want if you need them. 

2) More and more people are using GPS files on their smartphones or with a GPS computer like Garmin or Wahoo. In your on-line confirmation, we will provide download links to all routes at ridewithgps.com.  RidewithGPS does not require users to register or pay any additional fees, freely permits downloading gpx & tcx format files to multiple GPS-compatible cycling computers, and is easy to update if/when routes change. 

3) Color-coded arrows matching the paper maps will be placed on the roads before and at all turns. Note that in case of rain (or mischievous residents), these can vanish.



Be Prepared: Friday and Saturday rides will be supported with rest stops and SAG vehicles, but you should keep in mind that help cannot be everywhere at once. Sunday is on your own and not supported.  You should carry a tire repair kit (incl. spare tube, patches and tire levers), a pump or CO2 inflator, water, snacks, and some basic first aid supplies. We have done everything possible to scout safe routes, and will do our best to mark hazards such as rough road surfaces, cattle guards and low water crossings that may be slick. We reserve the right to detour routes if water levels at low-water crossings are too dangerous to cross.

Obey Traffic Laws: Cyclists are required to obey the Texas State laws that pertain to bicycles. The bicycle is considered a vehicle in the State of Texas and the rider is responsible to obey ALL traffic laws, including stopping at all stop signs and red lights. Slower vehicles should be on the right side of the road, but not so close to the edge that it might cause motorists to try to pass when it is unsafe to do so. Be predictable in your actions and courteous to the other drivers who are sharing their roads with us.

Pace Lines: Be careful when riding in pace lines with other riders, especially if you are unfamiliar with the riding styles of those riders. Any slight change of speed or direction could cause a serious accident, and an unannounced cattle guard could end your ride in an instant.

Be Polite: Remember that we are guests in the Kerrville area for the weekend. Be kind and courteous to our hosts so we will be welcomed back on future visits

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