Registration is Open!

Advance Registration

1) We are doing Advance Registration exclusively via online. “Paper & check” registrations have been declining over the years. They have always been fraught with administrative issues, so we are taking the plunge into online-only. We will be using They will charge a typical processing fee, which enables the various paperless communications and transactions.

2) You will receive all of your riding materials via e-mail. Maps and cue sheets will be sent to all registrants by approximately 3 weeks before the tour. It will contain pdf files for cue sheets, maps, and GPS file links. We ask that you bring these with you to the ride. We have been doing this on our routine club rides for a couple of years now and it works very well. We used it last  year on EHCT 2019 and it was a big success.

3) There will not be a “packet” to pick up at the registration table. Since you will already have your ride materials, the only thing necessary is that you pick up your Event Tee Shirt in your size, which you will designate online. Most of the traditional ride materials and other assorted PR material in packets ends up in the hotel room garbage cans. The only thing better than recycling, is not creating the garbage in the first place.

4) We have a tiered set of registration prices to offer discounts for early registration. The earlier we know the size of the group, the better we can plan to have enough resources at the rest stops. Having high quality rest stops is extremely important to us to make your ride a great experience. As we get close to the dates, we also lose the ability to insure that you have a tee shirt available in your size. After March 15, we cannot guarantee that we will have the right number and sizes of tee shirts, so please consider registering early at the discounted rates for 3 days of riding! There is a chance that late registrants may not get a tee shirt at all.

$50 Early Bird thru January 31

– $55 Advance Planner thru March 15

– $60 Standard Registration thru April 8

– $70 On Site (Paper Only)

4) Please print and bring your email confirmation with you to the Tee Shirt pickup.

On-Site Registration

Registration and Tee Shirt pickup will be at the Schreiner University Activity Center. Directions  If you purchased an event jersey, it will also be awaiting you at registration.

You will also be able to register on site, using good ole fashion paper and pen! We will accept payment via cash, check, or debit/credit card. We will make an effort to estimate Tee Shirt requirements for onsite registrants, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a shirt in your size at that time. The times are as follows:

Thursday April 9th: 4:00pm – 9:00pm. 

Friday April 10th: 7:00am –  7:00pm. 

Saturday April 11th: 7:00am – 11:00am. 

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